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Cloud Backup -

A 100% Canadian Cloud Backup based on the Acronis platform.

  • Monthly payment plans

  • No fixed term contract

  • Upgrade or change your account at any time

  • Backup data stored in Canada based data centers

  • Now includes backups of 365 mailboxes and SharePoint!

Choose the size of your backup disk space below.

Make sure it is enough to cover your local data, plus Mailbox + SharePoint data, if required

Then create a username/password for the Backup Portal.

(this is different from your CloudPockets billing portal)

Free Trial Backup -
Use this option to get to know our systems, or to show proof of concept to decision makers


  • 25Gb of backup disk space

  • Fully functional client and features

  • Does not include 365 mailboxes or SharePoint backups

Enter a username and password below for access to the Backup Management Portal

(this is different than the CloudPockets billing portal and is where you will manage your backup configuration)


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