How to Use the Affiliates Program

Before you can access the Affiliates Program you need to have completed 2 steps:

  1. Signed up for a Cloudpockets Client Account
  2. Requested to become an affiliate by creating a Support Ticket.
Once Support has added the Affiliate Program to your account, you will be able to access it with the instructions below.

To access the Affiliate Program login to your Billing Portal and you will see a new area to click on.

This preview widget gives you information on how much commission you've acquired, and how much more you need to make before you can request a withdrawal.

Click on the "More Details" to go to the Affiliate page.

Affiliate Client Page

At the very top there are 3 large Images:

The first one details how many times your Unique Referral Code has been clicked:

The Next one shows how many of the people that clicked your Unique Referral Link signed up for a Cloudpockets Account:

The last one shows how many of the people that signed up using your Unique Referral Link met the requirements to get you a commission:

The next section is the most important section. This is where you can find your Unique Referral Link.

This URL is what you need to have your referrals use to sign up for a Cloudpockets account. When this link is used, it created a Browser cookie that links their new account with yours.

If this URL is NOT used, you will NOT receive and Affiliate Benefits from their account!

Under that, you can find the statement area. This details how much commission you've acquired below the $50.00 mark, how much above the $50.00 mark and is available to withdraw, and how much total commission you have withdrawn.

To make a commission withdraw, just press the "Request Withdrawal" button.

This area shows all of your referrals. You can see basic data on their accounts, and search for them by various filters. You can use this section to find out who is making you the most/least commission and who has closed their account.

The last section gives you examples on how to use your Unique Referral Link to get potential new referrals.

The example code and banners are free for you to use however you like.

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